the bye-bye party

Tonight (11/5) we had a farewell party for a friend who will move out to his host family tomorrow.
After having a meal, we went to a bar. This is the first time I went to a bar after coming to Japan. The bar was full of forgieners, and all the stuff there can speak English!
We had a good time tonight, drinking beers and chatting with some "new friends".
One of my Danish friends told me the feeling called "houge". (actually I don’t know how to spell it, and Danish pronunciation is really difficult. >_<)  Probably going to a bar isn’t a bad thing like I thought before.
Tonight I spoke English around 7 hours. I almost forgot the feeling of speaking English!
Alcohol can help me to speak smoothly. 😛
but I still wanna learn German…:D 
by the way, I knew who is living in the room.
I can’t tell him " get out of this room" even though I really want to…haha…

2 則迴響 (+add yours?)

  1. Ivy
    十一月 15, 2005 @ 16:07:13



  2. bity
    十一月 08, 2005 @ 00:05:31

    寫真はき麗…本当だよ卒業の partyは 本当に 懷しくてでも….何でもいい 今の感じ 夢と違う現実に もう 習慣に慣れって…….  



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