the introduction week

剛到WHU的第一個星期,稱為introduction week,一看schedule,每天都排滿了party和各式各樣的活動,然後就過了一個醉醺醺的星期。
"the introduction week" means our first week in WHU. among that week, there were five days I was drunk.
of course… drink beer everyday. (oh, I didn’t drink today!)
9/3 非常忙碌的一天。Welcome and Orientation Meeting ,tour of the schooul, Information for courses and library….. and party.
9/4 Tauschie Rally at Koblenz. went to Koblenz by boat. Reihn river is very beautiful! we were divided into several groups and did many stupid things including walking at Koblenz with wearing supermarket plastic bags, inviting strangers to sing a song with us, asking strangers’ signs…etc. 就是在大城市玩丟臉的大地遊戲… after that, we went to a bar at Koblenz.
9/5 BBQ at school. paid 7 euro. all you can drink (only beer) and all you can eat (only sausages and breads..) drank a lot……you know…that’s "all you can drink"!! met with my buddy. he is a nice guy. 🙂
9/6 International Dinner. 這學期有將近一百個交換學生,大家都要帶自己國家的特色食物,我帶了鳳梨酥和牛肉乾~~ still drank a lot cause many exchange students brought wine. the most impressive one was a 42% Danish wine. 然後還有35%的匈牙利酒,10~20%不等的各式紅白酒,and finally, 5% beer…
after that, We had a 2nd party and 3rd party at friends’ house, and even had a 4th party at dorm…..
9/7 Pubcrawl at Koblenz. Every small group had a map. We had to go to 6 pubs and take funny pics. actually, my group jumped one, so we just went to 5 pubs. One of them was a gay bar though I couldn’t feel it. they said it’s a gay bar and it had a "rainbow light" outside…
After finishing our pub tour, we went to a club. It’s my first time to go to a club! 說出來還真沒人相信咧 -___-
Five days finished. In fact, we still had paries on weekends.
WHU 有很好的交換學生制度,所有的事情都很有規劃,而且也很好玩。
Now our courses started. WHU’lers have to study hard from this week.
Though I’m an exchange student, they always said don’t study too hard. 😀
just enjoy the time here!
so……it’s just a record of my first week in WHU, in Germany. and it filled with beer and sausages…戴太陽眼鏡

3 則迴響 (+add yours?)

  1. Ivy
    九月 12, 2007 @ 13:11:16

    不過….話說…歐洲的 bar和party還真多


  2. 元宏
    九月 13, 2007 @ 00:49:01

    You can drink more………………
    And I can imagine how your belly will become during this year….
    After you have drunk so much beer……….
    (  Or you want to say thant\’s not because you drink too much beer but because you got a…………..!!?? )


  3. Jen
    九月 14, 2007 @ 03:53:22

    well, 如果我那只能說兩句的爛德文也算在內的話,那的確是我的第三外國語…>_<
    Thank you very much
    Excuse me
    I am Jen, coming from Taiwan.
    We\’ll see.



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