cannot read any Chinese now

My final holiday in Europe…
in Portugal now, Lisbon, the capital.
using hostel`s computer so that cannot read and type any Chinese or Japanese or whatever Asian languages.

The weather, the price, people, food, desert, wine…..all of them are extremely great.
Portugal is tourists´ paradise!! I really love here!!

see you later lo~~Wink

3 則迴響 (+add yours?)

  1. hsingan
    八月 27, 2008 @ 13:05:50

    regret that its not in my traveling plan..!
    see you then!


  2. Linyu
    八月 29, 2008 @ 19:33:59

    Remember to chech yor schedule in Taipei~^^


  3. Jen
    九月 02, 2008 @ 00:17:46

    Hey Sisi,
    Let\’s meet on the 3rd weekend in September! If you see this message please tell them ok?:)



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