arrived at Hong Kong!

Hello all! After one year away from hometown, I was back in Asia again!!  am in Hong Kong eating eating and eating!
After one-week Paris & Portugal holiday I went to T-Mobile having lunch with friends. They said " why don’t you get tanned? did you hide yourself indoor?"
Actually I got suntanned…A LOT, but maybe my skin recoveried quickly.
“back from Portugal without getting sunburn?Shame on you!" It’s their conclusion.
Anyway, now I am in Asia! It seems that the life in Germany (even the trip to Portugal!) was long long time ago. I have already left it behind and enjoyed myself staying in Hong Kong. This morning Cathay Pacific Airline served 海鲜粥 as breakfast. Ohohoh…I felt home,  felt Asia, though the meal in the flight is always not tasty. However I was touched~~almost cryied…
I am using friend’s computer so cannot type traditional Chinese, but will find a chance to write something or upload some pics.
can’t wait for being back in Taiwan. See you then! 開懷大笑


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